Pantry Hours: Tuesday: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Square One Class

The Square One Class is a special skill building class that meets from 5 – 6 pm on Tuesday nights. The class offers a loving atmosphere that promotes self esteem and respect. It also serves as a support system to share ideas and to reach out to others.

There are different topics “taught” each week. Some of the classes that have been held include Basic First Aide, balancing a check book, house hold hints, electrical safety and nutrition – exercise classes. The class members have suggested some of these topics and are looking forward to future classes. At the end of each class a drawing is held and the lucky winner gets a special prize.

One of the programs the Square One class has participated in was to fill the Operation Christmas Child Boxes for the holiday. They donated many wonderful items that filled 3 boxes. The location of the boxes were tracked, and we were notified that the boxes touched the hearts of 3 children in the country of Columbia. In these boxes, each child was also given special literature telling them how much Jesus loves them! The class also shared love as they purchased Christmas Presents for a local family. Currently the class is participating in a program entitled “Pennies for Presents.” As the class talked about balancing a budget and saving, the subject came up regarding pennies. The class decided that if they together saved pennies throughout the year, then in October they will decide what to spend the pennies on: whether it is to participate in the Christmas Box program again this year, or to donate a portion of it back to the Food Pantry. In this way, team building and decision making is shared and promotes dignity, which is a core principle of the Neighborhood Pantry.

By attending class each participant can earn 10 credits to use at the Food Pantry. But more importantly these special programs and classes bring together people of the community creating a “family” of its own.

Anyone is welcome to join this special group of people as we learn and laugh together!