Pantry Hours: Tuesday: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

How it works

How The Neighborhood Pantry WorksThe Neighborhood Pantry is an outreach ministry of the Church of Genesis, that exists “to love our neighbor’ by providing short-term assistance to those in need.” Currently, families are able to use credits for food items to get them “over the hump” that may no be adequately met by food stamps or other assistance.

Individuals or families will receive credits to use in “The Neighborhood Pantry” per month according to family size. Because we do not believe that people should become dependent on “The Neighborhood Pantry” and want to see their dignity and esteem increase, we operate on the following four-month system.

After the first month, the number of credits will decrease by 25% each month. However, additional credits may be earned by helping out at the pantry, attending classes that will be offered, or regular attendance at the church of their choice. (Specific details are available at the Neighborhood Pantry.)

Our core value is DIGNITY, based on the following principles:

– Develop personal responsibility for our situation;

– Independently shop from the shelves at the food pantry;

– Give to others from what we have received;

– Never give up on our situation;

– Involve ourselves in the solution;

– Think about others first and not dwelling on our own problems;

– Yield to God’s leading in our daily lives.

Our assistance is based on a four month program during which the number of credits decreases unless effort is made to earn additional credits through helping, attending help classes and being regular in church attendance.

Those who attend the church of their choice three Sundays out of a CALENADR MONTH will b given 30 additional credits for that month. In order for these credits to be issued, the pastor of that church must verify on church letterhead that the person has attended church at least three s=Sundays that month. An additional letter is required for EVERY MONTH in order for credits to be issued.

Credit System

1-2 Family Members

  • 50 credits first month
  • 35 credits second month
  • 25 credits third month
  • 15 credits forth month
  • 0  credits fifth month*
3-4 Family Members

  • 80 credits first month
  • 60 credits second month
  • 40 credits third month
  • 20 credits fourth month
  • 0  credits fifth month*
5+ Family Members

  • 110 credits first month 
  • 80  credits second month
  • 55  credits third month
  • 25  credits fourth month
  • 0   credits fifth month*
*(unless extra credits are earned)

  • A month begins on the date of enrollment.
  • Credits decrease by 25% after each month, beginning with the third month.
  • After four months, no more credits will be issued unless credits are earned.

Thank you for your assistance in this area. We do not want people to become dependent on another program without them investing in themselves and involving the spiritual component. By being involved in a local church, we believe that these families will be able preserver through whatever needs they have.

We are interested in partnering with you as we continue to offer help to members of your congregation. If you are willing to hold a food drive or make a donation to the Neighborhood Pantry , please visit our contact us page.