Pantry Hours: Tuesday: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Cookin’ Up Fellowship

Take a trip to the pantry then learn how to put together a delicious meal.The Neighborhood Pantry’s Cooking Class
The Neighborhood Pantry’s Cooking class is a time of sharing delicious inexpensive recipes and great fellowship. Tuesday nights at 7pm the Head Cook Ron and his 1st Assistant Suzie encourage class members to fill their body and soul.


Besides showing how to make interesting food and offering special kitchen hints, they add their own special dash of humor and humility. Ron shares heart – touching stories about his real life experiences and how God has marvelously changed his life. Ron and Suzie’s relationship with each other and with Jesus adds a special warmth and delightful humor to each class.

Cook’n Up Felloship Class Pictures

A couple of our favorite helpful hints they have shared with the class are: for quick clean up, line your measuring cups with a piece of plastic wrap when preparing ingredients such as peanut butter. Then lift out the plastic wrap – ingredients and all. Then the cup is ready for the next measurement! Also the class learned that a potato peeler isn’t just for potatoes any more! Use this handy utensil to clean out peppers. Within seconds all the insides are “peeled out” seeds and all!

Class members earn 10 credits for attending. Individuals can earn additional credits for “teaching” the class. They provide the recipe they are going to use during the class ahead of time and then ingredients they need are purchased for them. The food is prepared during the class and then everyone’s favorite part is that they get to “taste test” ! A drawing is held at the end of class, and the lucky winner gets to take home a bag full of the ingredients to make the recipe at home.

We welcome you to join us as we learn together and celebrate each other!

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